NORMAN, Oklahoma - Football is back in action Monday in Oklahoma as the Sooners held their first spring practice of the year.

OU head coach Bob Stoops got the spring season started with an afternoon press conference to talk about the off-season as well as preview the spring season.

"We're excited to get out on the field today and start spring ball," said Stoops. "To me it's one of my more fun times of the year, exciting times of the year when you get a chance to go out and start working football with the guys and the new team and younger guys coming up ready to play so it's an exciting time."

OU has 14 practices scheduled as it stands with the spring season coming to a close with the annual Red/White Spring game on April 14.

Coach Stoops was pleased with the progress and improvement of his team through the winter, but said that is one of the keys moving forward to continue improvement throughout the season.

"The guys have done a great job here throughout the winter," said Stoops. "I am excited what they've done in the weight room, the way they've trained and run and conditioned and so from there we are just excited to get them back on the field and start working some football.

"That's what we're after is more development. Everyone focuses on where you lost guys, but how about seeing the guys that were here last year play better and work to make improvement," added Stoops.

In talking about the offense, Bob Stoops said he expects to put mix in handful of different players at different positions on the field providing all over the field for different looks.

"In my mind I still believe with the number of snaps we get and the length of the season, having four or five players, rotating them in and being fresh and healthy through the year is a good thing and we feel confident in all these guys," said Stoops.

Stoops also said Lane Johnson will play at left tackle while Daryl Williams and Tyrus Thompson will both play at right tackle.

"This is the time of year where a lot of guys come on and then you start to see who is making the most plays the most consistently," said Stoops. "I am kind of excited for Mike Stoops being here and Tim Kish being new to allow them to see for themselves moving these guys around who they feel are playing consistently and who they can count on and that kind of thing."

Notable Players That Will Participate In Spring Practice:
-Jaz Reynonds (cleared but will undergo another procedure at the end of spring that will sideline him a couple of weeks.)
-Aaron Ripkowski

Notable Players Sidelined For Spring Practice:
-Aaron Colvin DB (shoulder injury)
-Casey Walker DT (shoulder injury)
-Ben Habern OL (neck surgery)
-Dominique Whaley RB (ankle injury)
-Tom Wort LB (Expected to not practice initially but work in due to back soreness)