OKLAHOMA CITY - The 10th anniversary of this segment came and went a couple of weeks ago and nobody noticed, not even me. So I asked what you think of My 2 Cents.

Karen from Cordell: "I always find it thought-provoking, even though I don't always agree with your opinion."

Linda from Carnegie: "What I don't like is when people become ugly with their comments."

Right on cue here's Bill: "Is it really a coincidence that Kelly has been spewing hot air for ten years and that decade was the hottest in the planet's history?"

Long time contributor Ann says: "..has restored my faith that there are still down to earth people out there in the news business."

Larry from Norman: "My 2 Cents is worth at least a dollar!

responses are an interesting measure of the IQ of Oklahomans."

Jim from Stillwater: "It's time to retire "Your 2 Cents". It has become boring and irrelevant to the newscast."

But the Johnsons from Ponca City write: "..my family and I agree you're doing a great job."

Finally, I was going to correct Robert's spelling, but it might have been intentional: "you are a pompass idiot. Your voice sounds like a cow bell."

Last week I lamented that there was no cake, not even a pie to mark the 10 year anniversary.

When I arrived home my neighbor Gayle met me in the driveway with this sack of honeybuns.. that's even better.