OKLAHOMA CITY - For the first time, an Oklahoma college cheerleader meets the parents of the young woman who saved her life. She was on her death bed until one life changing moment.

Now, two Oklahoma families share an unbreakable bond.

Anna Eaton Smith Thomas, a University of Central Oklahoma student, was just 26. Her mother says her daughter loved her husband, her family, God and had a real passion for writing. Thomas died unexpectedly on January 12, 2011 from a brain aneurysm.

A teenage girl from Claremore was dying too, waiting for liver donor.

On Friday, both families shared about loss, life and their new connection.

"I was an emotional wreck. They walked in and from that moment. I felt peace," 19-year-old Northeastern Oklahoma A & M student, Breanna Fly said.

Fly has been thinking about Thomas ever since she woke up from surgery at Oklahoma Transplant Center in Oklahoma City. She met the family who raised a young woman who saved her life.

Thomas's mom, America, and her step-dad David lost their little girl, but saved another mother from losing her daughter too.

"I can't imagine what she went through," said Fly's mother, Bridget McCoy, as she couldn't hold back tears, "I'm grateful and thankful, if it wasn't for them and their choices and Anna's choices. We wouldn't be here. Life would've taken a different road."

Fly was just 18-years-old when she got sick from something she ate, doctors told her it would pass that only one percent of the patients' livers failed from what she had.

In a matter of days, she went from the bubbly high school cheerleader to the hospital with Hepatitus.

Doctors told the family Fly had just seven days to live on January 6, 2011. Thomas died on January 12 and her liver was donated just in time.

"It is such a pleasure to meet her and her family and know they're really valuing and appreciating the gift my daughter Anna was able to give," Thomas' mother, America Farrell said.

America knows a lot of people are waiting for life saving gifts, before moving to Oklahoma, she was an organ transplant coordinator in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"She's vivacious, she's got a love for life, she's got a passion, drive and very deep faith," America said after meeting Fly.

Like Fly, mom says Thomas shared those traits, especially their faith in God.

"I'm always going to remember this day," Fly said as she started crying, "They're always on my mind, even before I knew them, even Anna."

The families are no doubt, forever connected and plan to stay in touch.

America said Thomas' heart also saved a life. She is planning on meeting that heart patient very soon.

They hope other families will save lives by becoming organ donors.