NORMAN, Oklahoma - Prosecutors file charges against a man accused of preying on college women for decades.

Robert Bruce was charged in Cleveland County with 19 counts of rape, sexual assault and burglary.

Police say he was a serial rapist with victims in four states.

News 9 spoke with one of Bruce's victims who was in Texas when the rape happened, but now lives in Oklahoma. She didn't want us to use her name or show her face. But she did agree to share her story to help us better understand the terror Robert Bruce inflicted over the course of 20 years.

"I woke up to a rag soaked in chloroform," she recalls.

It was June 2005. Just like all the others, the woman was a college student. She had just gotten back home from an out-of-town trip.

"My life was very much different from that night."

She says her rapist got into her home using a torch to cut through the glass in a window and he gave sleeping pills to her dog.

Drugged, she would slip in and out of consciousness before waking up in her roommate's bedroom.

"I didn't have any clothes on and I was tied to the bed," she recalls. "[There were] rolls of duct tape. I had a scar on my face from where the chemical burned."

She says there was another Texas Tech student who was also raped, but police never had a suspect.

"There were just so many questions when it happened, the way it happened. Not knowing was really hard because, I mean, I was forced to question everyone around me."

But when Robert Bruce's DNA was connected to other rapes, the woman started working with detectives. And late last month she learned her rape was one of dozens Bruce had confessed to.

"I wouldn't wish that on anyone, you know. And just to hear how many people it's affected and over how many years."

The woman tells us what happened to her has made her a stronger person.

Bruce is already in jail in Colorado for attempting to blow up a police officer's house.