OKLAHOMA CITY - Of course love and dating are on people's minds this Valentine's Day. But for those who are beginning a new relationship, you may want to invest in more than just a new dress.

Background checks before the first date may not seem romantic, but they can make you safer. According to match.com, one in five relationships begin online, so how do we know if we are being told the truth?

There is an app for that. There are several options for finding out all the dirt on someone new, which makes Cupid's job a bit harder.

After a divorce, dating can be dicey for single mother Audra Gilbert. She met her ex in high school, but now she's not just protecting her heart, but her kids.

"I want to know where they work, if they have any charges, or if they ever been to jail. I want to know if they have a speeding ticket. I have two kids so I have to be careful about who comes around them," Gilbert said.

If you think that's extreme, we asked an expert.

"Know there are predators out there that prey on women who have minor children, especially daughters," said OHP spokesperson Lt. George Brown.

To get vital information, a free Google search works, or visit www.oscn.net to check criminal history.

For the serial dater, an app like BeenVerified is helpful and for $20 a month, you can search non-stop.

If your date has a common name, you may need the person's date of birth, or may even need to ask to see their ID. You can be up front, even make it fun, but, police recommend you ask.