MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - Just a block from where Midwest City mother Jessica McPherson- Brown was murdered, police are investigating the killing of a 64 year-old woman. She was found dead last night inside her home.

The victim's nephew and his girlfriend were living with her. Police say they are the only possible witnesses and could help the investigation.

The day after Violet Hemphill was found brutally murdered inside her Midwest City home, relatives come back to collect her pets.

It was the woman's brother who found her dead and called 911.

"When he got on the front doorstep he smelled the strong odor of natural gas," Chief Brandon Clabes said.

Police say the controls on the stove were on, but the flames were out. The victim's brother also discovered her 23-year-old nephew and his 22-year-old girlfriend unconscious and nude in another room. While they were transported to the hospital to be treated for gas exposure and a possible drug overdose, police surrounded the house and neighborhood.

"It was scary cause I didn't know what was going on and then I seen them pull bodies out of there, "neighbor Betty Scott said.

She lives next door and has talked to the victim several times.

"I couldn't believe it at first. She's a nice old lady. Kept to herself, but nice," Scott said.

This murder has neighbors on edge. They say there was a shooting down the street not long ago, and then last month pregnant mother of two Jessica Mcpherson-Brown was murdered a block away.

Some are considering moving.

"Just not a good neighborhood I can tell you that," Scott said.

Police say Hemphill's death and Jessica Browns' murder are in no way related, just a coincidence to happen a block apart.

Police say the 22-year-old woman is in critical condition and the victim's nephew is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday night.