OKLAHOMA CITY - Winter weather seems to finally be making an appearance in the metro, and many Oklahomans are out planning ahead for the first winter storm this year.

In mid February, winter may finally begin in Oklahoma.

"I am not worried about it. We are used to it. We have 4-wheel trucks," Denise Garmin said.

Garmin hasn't had to use her 4-wheel in 2012. She wasn't the only one to say that her grocery list isn't affected by Gary England's predictions.

"This winter has been so mild that we really haven't paid much attention to weather. It is going to freeze or what's going to happen, because it hasn't been that bad," Mark Lockhart said.

Oklahoma has seen an unseasonably warm winter, but snow may fall Monday.

Garmin's husband stocked up on chili, and although she is worried, she says she is prepared.

"My husband will take me to work. I work for Mercy and it's a bit far," she said.

Crest said they are preparing by ordering additional bread and staff is on standby. Several other stores in the area have also begun stocking up on merchandise in anticipation of a storm.

Local hardware stores said they began to stock up on salt earlier this week.