OKLAHOMA CITY - We're learning more about the Midwest City husband investigators say hired Brodric Glover to kill his estranged wife.

Police arrested Fabion Brown and his girlfriend, Emily Matheson, for soliciting the murder of Jessica McPherson-Brown.

As detectives escorted Brown to jail, he appeared calm and collected answering reporters' questions, "I'm not a violent person, I don't believe in hurting anyone."

As Brown defends his image, pictures tell a different story. On Brown's Facebook page, in an album titled, "in the army now," a photo of Brown aiming a gun at the wall is posted.

The caption reads: "If you want to live stay out of my sights."

The photos describe Brown's take on his role in the army and one caption reads "I'm bullet proof b******"

Dr. Stewart Beasley explains this type of behavior could be a result of post traumatic stress disorder,

"This dehumanization of other people is a common training technique that is used to help other people cope with the things that they are going to encounter," Beasley said. Such techniques may have side effects on some soldiers returning home from war.

When police arrested Brown for paying Broderic Glover $250 to kill his wife, Jessica, as part of an alleged murder for hire plot, Brown was not in the Oklahoma National Guard. He is, however, a known Iraq War Veteran.

The Oklahoma National Guard does comment on cases in which criminal charges have not yet been filed. The Oklahoma National Guard does confirm that Brown served in Oklahoma from 2004 until September 2009. Brown served in Iraq from 2007 to 2008 while with the California National Guard.

Beasley says soldiers "are taught not to get their feelings out on their sleeve or not to overreact to them, so I think this controlled aspect of their training probably contributes to their lack of feelings for victims."

Beasley says stories like Brown's are an exception in the military and he emphasizes Brown's alleged criminal behavior is not the norm for soldiers or veterans.

In fact, Brown's wife was a member of the Guard at the time of her murder.

Beasley warns that becoming numb to death or tragedy can have repercussions with little understanding of how it will end.

"To get back in and be a loving, caring, giving person takes a big jump from where we were if we were overseas fighting an enemy."

No formal charges have been filed. Brown and his girlfriend Emily Matheson are both being held without bond on two complaints of soliciting murder.