SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - A man is caught on camera as he steals a woman's purse and knocks her to the ground.

That woman tells police she has head injuries from that attack. One suspect is behind bars. It all happened at a Shawnee Walmart, and police say the man who is now under arrest can be clearly seen in the video.

Victim Cynthia Rahn says her attacker came from behind and violently pulled the strap of her purse, causing her to fall. Then, police say, the suspect began dragging the victim. Witnesses tried to help, but the robber got away with Rahn's purse. Officers were able to identify the robber through the Walmart video.

Police arrested 23-year-old Devin Carroll for the crime after locating his car that witnesses say he used to drive away from the Walmart. Police say Caroll admitted to stealing the purse and dragging his victim through the parking lot.

Rahn says she is also suffering injuries to her back and hip from the attack.