OKLAHOMA CITY - A group of five friends plans to take on the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon for a second year in a row.

Only these friends aren't just running the race, they're also carrying a total of 168 pounds, one pound for each person killed in the Murrah bombing.

Pound for Person was Sean Shearon's idea.  Shearon was talking with some people about the marathon, and he mentioned that he had never run it.  He was encouraged to sign up, but wanted to do something memorable for it.  He called some friends and convinced them that they should join him in his new commitment.

Last year they walked the marathon and finished it in 8 hours. This year, they hope to beat that time by two hours.

"Mile 20, your body starts shutting down when you kind of lose the confidence," said "But then you think of the people that went through more than we did and what we were honoring."

The group is currently accepting donations. All of the proceeds will go to the Oklahoma City National Memorial.