OKLAHOMA CITY - Governor Mary Fallin will make her second State of the State address Monday before a joint session of the legislature.

It should come as no surprise that Governor Fallin will focus on the economy and jobs.

The governor's team says she will talk about ways to create more and better jobs in Oklahoma, improve business and make government more efficient.

Some key areas will include education, energy efficiency to reduce government costs as well as unveiling a plan to repair all of that state's structurally-deficient bridges.

Governor Fallin will also spend a lot of time talking about a tax plan. Under her plan, the governor says most people in Oklahoma can expect to see a significant tax reduction, including an income tax reduction beginning January 1, 2013. This could eventually lead to eliminating the income tax in Oklahoma altogether.

Governor Fallin will also simplify the tax code by reducing the number of tax brackets in the state.

The governor is expected to say that these changes to the tax codes in our state will not starve the government and the poorest people in the state will not be hit the hardest.

Watch Governor Fallin's State of the State address live Monday at 1 p.m. on News 9 and News9.com.