OKLAHOMA CITY - We're learning new information about the potential crime scene in the murder of 19-year-old Carina Saunders.

Bethany Police recovered her body stuffed in a duffle bag in a field back in October. Now it appears one murder suspect is leading police to another possible suspect.

A machete, blood, and strands of hair are just a few of the things Bethany Police recovered from an apartment in the Will Rogers Court Housing Complex.

Witnesses and a murder suspect told investigators two people who either lived or visited the apartment are also involved in the torture and killing of Carina Saunders.

Near the possible murder scene, neighbors revealed everything but their identity.

"When I found out it was right there. It's scary, real scary," a neighbor said.

Searching inside the now vacant apartment, investigators find blood smears and spots on the bedroom floor, a blood stained machete and more.

"They said parts was in the refrigerator," an unidentified neighbor said.

A search warrant shows police discovered what appears to be blood on the side of the refrigerator. In the freezer, investigators found bugs, blood, and strands of hair believed to be from Carina Saunders.

"I mean they was normal people. You would never think that nothing could be going on here," a neighbor said.

The neighbors are talking about Michael Knight. Court documents show Knight was renting the apartment and is a violent gang member known as 'Monster'. Knight has an extensive criminal history for drug dealing and trafficking.

Investigators said Jimmy Massey, a suspect in the murder, told police Knight was involved in the killing of Saunders. Police have since arrested and are holding Knight for an unrelated crime. Although Knight is in jail, neighbors are sending a warning.

"You tell everybody to be careful because it could be your next door neighbor," the neighbor said.

Witnesses have also told police Knight stated the murder took place at that apartment and a woman named Rachel admitted she was responsible for cleaning up the crime scene.

Investigators said the house smelled of bleach. Police also recovered a mop and some of the plumbing from the kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Bethany Police won't comment on the new discoveries, because they're still waiting on the forensics to come back.

So far, nobody's been charged in Saunders' murder.