OKLAHOMA CITY - A young girl said she was attacked, held down and sexually assaulted at school, and a substitute teacher and more than a dozen students were in the classroom when it happened.

The incident happened on Tuesday at Horace Mann Elementary School in Oklahoma City. According to documents, the victim said she was held down by three students who then began touching her.

The principal told police that through her investigation, she found one of the students enlisted the help of two other students to carry out the alleged plan.

One of those students said the plan included holding the girl's hands behind her back, and holding her feet. That's when one of them pulled the victim's shirt down and fondled her exposed breasts.

According to the police report, the incident happened inside a classroom at the end of the day Tuesday with 15 other students and a substitute teacher named as potential witnesses.

The police report also states the principal spoke with the students involved and determined the attack did happen.

Oklahoma City Public Schools said it is still conducting an internal investigation and is cooperating with police.

Oklahoma City Public Schools released the following statement concerning the incident.

"The substitute in question has been removed from the district's substitute roster and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken pending the outcome of the investigation. The students involved will be disciplined according to the district's Student Code of Conduct."