OKLAHOMA CITY - The collapse of a crane at a metro hospital yesterday isn't the first time equipment owned by Rent-A-Crane has been involved in an accident. Two years ago, a man died when a piece of a crane fell.

Investigators are trying to determine what went wrong at Deaconess Hospital yesterday.

Just feet from where children play is the yellow tape marking the spot where the crane came crashing down in a family's backyard. The crane fell only inches from a gas meter and narrowly missed power lines.

Some neighbors heard and saw the crane collapse.

"Somebody was watching out for everybody," said George Frank.

Frank thinks it was a one-time accident and doesn't expect any more near misses near his backyard.

Emergency crews say the crane was removing a cooling tower from the hospital's roof when the crane tipped over.

"Somebody better watch what they do with those cranes," Frank said.

Labor investigators were brought in to determine the exact cause of the collapse.

The crane belongs to the local company Rent-A-Crane, the same company involved in a deadly accident in 2010 on the Chesapeake Energy campus.

One man died and another man was injured when a piece of the crane fell onto the workers.

People near Deaconess Hospital are thankful no one was hurt and that this accident didn't turn tragic.

OSHA has not released any details about the accident because it is an open investigation.

Rent-A-Crane issued the following statement through its attorney:

"The incident that occurred yesterday at Deaconess Hospital is under investigation and the company is not able to comment at this time.

"With respect to the unfortunate accident that occurred in 2010 in Oklahoma City, the Rent-A-Crane family was deeply saddened by the loss of Michael Parsons, who was a highly qualified crane operator and valuable employee. Contrary to recent news reports, while litigation has been filed, Rent-A-Crane is not a party to that litigation and has not been sued. Rather, Mr. Parson's estate and another injured employee claim, among other things, that the accident was caused by a defective crane design and inadequate warnings.

"Rent-A-Crane remains 100% committed to a safe working environment for its employees and customers."

--Ryan Leonard, attorney for Rent-A-Crane of Oklahoma, Inc.