By Amber Katz
From The Style Glossy

I carry an enormous purse.

People think it's because I'm rushing from work to beauty events to drinks/dinner and the like. But really, the size of my massive purse is about having room to store the ever-growing makeup bag I carry at all times.

If I'm obsessed with a new cosmetic, it's simply not enough that I only use it in the morning. I partake in a ritual makeup re-application (not every item, but a few) circa 4 p.m. every day.

Here, my essentials for looking smolderingly sexy all the livelong day.

Blotting Papers

I loathe powder makeup. So what's the solution for oily skinned gals who want to eradicate shine without dealing with a film of powder sitting on their skin? Blotting papers.

With a single sweep, they soak up dirt, oil and debris. Buy the generic drugstore brand iteration; they work just as well as the high-end ones.


It's a real but sad truth that you need to reapply it at least once throughout the day. I keep one with a semi-dry consistency on me at all times to cover stubborn acne scars and conceal under-eye circles.

Lip Stain

These double as a blush in a pinch and pack a powerful, long-lasting punch that's key when it comes to long hours at work. A sheer red and pink hybrid will never steer you wrong.

Lip Balm

A stick of hydrating lip balm made with shea butter will keep you flake-free in the winter and softly moisturized in the summer. Layer over lip stain for a long-lasting but slightly reflective lip look.


Use a gold creamy illuminator on the tops of your cheekbones, along your nose, on your brow bone and above your cupid's bow for a lit-from-within glow.


Amber Katz is the editor of Beauty Blogging Junkie, a hilarious pop culture-infused beauty blog that covers everything from eye shadow to hair spray to figure slimmers.

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