Deanne Stein,

OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's Halloween and most parents enjoy dressing their children up as much as the kids enjoy dressing up themselves. Choosing a costume is no easy task either. There's so many options out there.

Babies are easier to dress up, though, since they can't really voice their opinion on the matter. Parents can basically dress them up however they want. Toddlers and older kids are a little more difficult. They usually already have an idea what they want to be.

Searches for "baby costumes" were up more than 3,700% this month. Since babies are innocent and sweet, most parents tend to make sure the costumes are a match for that innocence. Also, animal and flower costumes are usual favorites.

However, the 2011 trends for kids were: Angry Bird baby costume, cookie monster and Disney's "Up." And just for fun, we added in the top "dog" costumes.

Top Searched Baby Halloween Costumes

1. Angry Bird

2. Cookie Monster

3. Butterfly

4. Dinosaur

5. Pumpkin

Top Searched Toddler Halloween Costumes

1. Pirate

2. Stay Puff Marshmallow

3. Disney's "Up"

4. Elephant

5. Brother/Sister costume ideas for toddlers

Most Searched Dog Costumes on Yahoo!, past 35 days

1. Angry Birds (nearly twice as many as the next contender)

2. Ewok

3. Lion

4. Pirate

5. Elvis

Information taken from Yahoo!