Xin Xin Liu,

OKLAHOMA CITY – For some Oklahomans, a fun-filled Labor Day Weekend isn't complete without some outdoor grilling and cook-out. However, state officials are reminding people that there is still a burn ban in effect across most of the state.

According to the Oklahoma Forestry Services, the Governor's Burn Ban remains in place for 61 counties and county-issued burn ban remains in many others.

Officials say campfires and bonfires are prohibited under the burn ban. Outdoor cooking is allowed but only under limited conditions.

"Outdoor grilling or tailgating is a part of many Labor Day festivities and I urge Oklahomans to be aware and be very careful," said George Geissler, State Forester. "The smallest spark, or even heat from cars parked on dry grass, can start a destructive wildfire."

Officials say when cooking outdoors, gas or charcoal grills must be placed over non-flammable surfaces and at least five feet away from dry leaves, grass or other flammable vegetation.

Officials suggest placing grills away from overhanging trees, as the grills can ignite from radiant heat.