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I love my mountain-man style, but my girlfriend hates it. She digs metrosexual hipster garb -- and even points out well-dressed guys when we're out on the town. What can I do to impress her -- and still maintain my own style?

But the mountain-man look is cool! Does your girlfriend know that every hipster in Williamsburg, N.Y., rocks this look?

If she doesn't know (or care), I've got a four-step plan to help you refine your look -- without totally losing your manhood. It does involve the cornerstone of any relationship, though, whether you're dressed or naked: compromise.

1) Throw on a blazer. Just add a blazer to your usual look. The models at the Junya Watanabe collections  in Paris wore blazers with overalls. This magic outerwear is not a business-y suit jacket or a sport coat: I'm talking about an unconstructed cotton blazer, the kind that doesn't need to be pressed. Try Gap or J.Crew , $350. Note: Go for navy or black; Khaki is too preppy.

2) Trade your plaid for a check. Is a blazer not metro enough for your sweetie? Swap out your plaid flannel shirt for its more urbane cousin, the small check. (You can even sound more metro by calling it "gingham.") Try these: J.Crew , $59.50 to $64.50, or Steven Alan , $119.

3) Rock the desert boot. Take your compromise a step further with classic desert boots, worn and loved by metrosexuals and mountain-men alike. The original -- and still the best -- is Clark's , $99.99.

4) But keep your jeans. Good, worn-in Levi's are probably part of your mountain-man look. Metro dudes wear these as well, so you don't need to work a skinny jean. Need a fresh pair? Try Levi's 501 Jeans , $58.50 to $178.

Style debates between couples are common; they've been around since Eve suggested Adam might look better in fig than oak. The point is that the mountain-man look doesn't mean you don't have style and taste; it's just not her taste. So if your lady is still scoping metrosexual dudes after you try these changes and giving you the hint-hint eyes, you need a different girl. 

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