Jon Jordan, News 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- Members of Edmond's First Baptist Church are remembering their pastor Alan Day who was killed Wednesday in a motorcycle accident at I-35 and Covell Road.

Day was the church's pastor for 25 years.

Keith Haygood was as close of a friend to Day as anyone.

"Alan was my pastor but even before he was my pastor he was my friend," said Haygood, Edmond's First Baptist Church Associate Pastor of Music Ministry. "I've never seen a more intelligent man but especially studying the word of God and preaching it and teaching it to His people."

Haygood said the church members are what pushed Pastor Day to continue to get in front of the pulpit every Sunday for 25 years, an accomplishment the church celebrated with a few laughs back in July.

"In his honor I wore cowboy boots. He has never been in the pulpit without cowboy boots on, and this is the first time I've had these on in 20 years. He can be uncomfortable. These suckers hurt," said Jack Kimbler, Day's friend.

Haygood said Day was very strong in his faith and shared it with his church family.

"When he stood in the pulpit it was, thus saith the Lord. It wasn't you could make this say what you want it to say. He was very forthright," Haygood said.

Gary Ellis worked alongside Pastor Day for 15 years.

"Every sermon that he preached you went away having been helped, having been encouraged, having learn something you didn't know before," said Gary Ellis, Edmond's First Baptist Church Associate Pastor of Administration. "The scripture says that God works in all things for good to those who love him, to those who are called for his purpose, and that's certainly valid for Alan. He believed that with all of this heart."

Haygood said even in their faith, the sadness of losing Day will be clear throughout the church family.

"Sunday is going to be hard to describe. I'm sure that when the worship team gets up to start singing praise, there will be a lot of shouts and a lot of tears shed as we see an empty spot here," Haygood said.

Currently funeral arrangements are pending.