Amanda Taylor, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Jansen and Jessica Idlett said their wedding was perfect. It was after saying "I Do" they said things took a turn for the worse.

The couple was looking forward to the reception, with a D.J. leading the night.

"They really set the mood and get the enthusiasm in the room and make it a stress free night," Jessica Idlett said.

She hired Black Tie Wedding DJ's after meeting the owner, Jess Barnes, at a bridal fair.

Idlett paid him $642. But she said the D.J. showed up in shorts and only changed once their wedding planner said something.

The D.J. set up lights but never turned them on. But it was the music the couple expected to hear when they entered the room that really made them mad.

"There was no music," Idlett said. "I mean, you could just hear our shoes clicking on each step. Just silence."

Then it was time for the couple's first dance.

"I just felt like if I said anything, the people around me could hear me talking it was so quiet," Idlett said.

So after the honeymoon, Idlett called Black Tie. She said the owner promised her a full refund. But three months later, nothing.

So she called News 9.

"I watch Amanda Taylor all the time and she gets the job done," Idlett said.

The Consumer Watch team called Jess Barnes with Black Tie. He wanted to meet. He came to News 9 to explain why the couple never received their refund.

"I simply forgot," Jess Barnes said. "To make matters worse, I had forgotten twice."

He didn't want to talk about what went wrong, other than to say he thinks a lot of it had to do with the acoustics of the room.

But he said he's changed his policies with his D.J.'s and when it comes to this story, bottom line, a customer wasn't happy.

"I apologize to them for their experience," Barnes said. "And want to let the rest of our customers know they can count on us."

Barnes said he's mailed the couple a full refund and the woman who D.J.'d the event is no longer working with the company.

Jessica Idlett said she is happy and surprised she will be getting the refund.