NORMAN, Oklahoma -- Oklahoma's Own News 9 has teamed up with One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating to give three deserving families a brand new heating system. We received nearly 200 nominations for our Heating Hearts campaign, and a Norman woman was the first winner to receive a knock at the door.

Kim Fairbanks has had problems with her heating system for the last two winters. She could not afford to get a new one because of costly medical problems.

Despite her struggles, Fairbanks has still found time to give back to the community. She's volunteered for the Norman Police Department's Youth Explorer Program, and rescued homeless kittens for Hands Helping Paws. She and her furry friends have been shivering in her cold house.

"They can't go a long time without being kept warm, otherwise they would die," Fairbanks said.

Four people nominated Fairbanks for a new heater. She was shocked to discover so many people care about her.

"I know there's a lot of people and I'm going to get emotional here. There's a lot of people in the community that probably deserves better than I would," Fairbanks said.