Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- Norman police detectives have released the names of the two people involved in Thursday's motel shooting incident.

Police say 38-year-old Jennifer L. Trevino's body was found in a car outside a Norman Best Western Motel after reports of her missing led police to the motel. Police said Brandon D. Hulin, 24, barricaded himself inside the motel before committing suicide. According to police, Jennifer Trevino is Hulin's ex-girlfriend.

Police said they found Jennifer Trevino's car at the east wharf at Lake Hefner. They also found signs of an assault.

Jennifer Trevino's ex-husband, Michael Trevino, said his former wife was afraid of Hulin.

Two years ago, Village Police went to Jennifer Trevino's home after she said Hulin assaulted her.

"During this assault there was supposedly a gun involved, and he actually assaulted her to point of leaving some pretty significant marks on her. There was evidence that he held a gun to her head," said Village Deputy Police Chief Steve Jagosh.

Hulin pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault and got a one year suspended sentence, but that wasn't their last meeting.

Just last week Jennifer Trevino told police she arrived at her home to find that Hulin had broken in, and he fled out the back door.

Michael Trevino said Trevino was preparing to seek a victim's protective order against Hulin when she disappeared.

Michael Trevino also said Jennifer Trevino was a captain in the Air Force Reserve and was a very giving person.

Jennifer Trevino leaves behind two children.

Both deaths remain under investigation pending medical examiner reports.

Police said the investigation is ongoing as several search warrants in Norman and Oklahoma City are being included.