OKLAHOMA CITY -- Emergency crews worked several high water rescues in the metro after storms dumped heavy rain which caused flooding in the area.

Crews rescued a person trapped in flood waters on Memorial Road between May and Portland avenues on the south side of the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

Another vehicle was trapped in high waters on the Tinker Diagonal in front of Hudiburg Chevrolet.

Deputies were able to rescue two elderly people and children from a mobile home that was under water in the 7600 block of N. Peebly Road.

Another high water rescue was reported near the 2400 block of S. Walker Avenue.

Water also filled the street along S.E. 15th near Phillips Street. Firefighters kept pedestrians out of the street and off the sidewalks, but drivers continued to move through the high water. No cars stalled out, and eventually the water receded. There were not reports of injuries.

Del City officials said the Crutcho Creek left its banks and caused several flooding problems in the city, but Cherry Creek is now receding.

There has been damage to a bridge in the 2300 block of Doris near S.E. 22nd and Sunnylane and has been closed to traffic. At 7:30 a.m. Wednesday the road was still closed.

Residents along Peebly Road near 63rd faced flooding in their homes, which residents say they don't see often.

"Sure we get the normal Oklahoma storms but this is exceptional. This is about to wash us away," said Ronnie Davenport.

The water creeped into his home, which sits on a hill, but that's not helping as the water came up nearly four inches.

"If we keep getting it, we're going to keep having flash floods because there is nowhere for the floods to go," Davenport said.

Many roads were closed or were problem areas due to high water, but all were reopened by Wednesday morning.

There were also multiple stranded motorists assisted in Oklahoma County.