By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

MUSTANG, Oklahoma -- Mustang police are investigating an incident that has pet lovers furious.

Last month, an Oklahoma Natural Gas worker went into the backyard of a family's home and was met by the family's Chinese Pug, police said. While there, the worker hit the dog, Mimi, with his wrench killing the dog. Based on statements the worker made to detectives with the Mustang Police Department, the worker felt threatened saying that is why he struck the pug.

Animal lovers who learned of the incident are angered and want the worker fired. To try and make that happen, Cecil Kidd, owner of Hotdawg Pet Care, has formed a petition online consisting of more than 75 signatures from people demanding the worker be let go.

"I deal with animals on a day-to-day basis and I've never been intimidated by a pug barking, snapping," Kidd said.

The frustration over the incident doesn't just have the attention of pet lovers, but ONG as well. The company is conducting its own internal investigation.

"We want to find out what happened, how it happened, why, and do our best to ensure it doesn't happen again," said Don Sherry, a spokesperson for ONG.

Sherry said they aren't just saddened by what happened but shocked because he said their field workers are trained to avoid confrontations especially when it comes to pets.

"We've lost pets, some of us, and that grief is very real and one could only try to imagine what it would be like under circumstances as horrible as these. So we're very sincere when we say this is something we deeply, deeply regret," Sherry said.

And if they are truly sorry, animal lovers like Kidd said, then ONG should prove it.

"ONG ought to take a serious look at this. Either they have serious policy problems where they are not training their employees. If they do train, he sure doesn't follow protocol, and if he's not going to follow protocol he shouldn't be there," Kidd said.

The investigation by Mustang police is ongoing. For now, police are withholding the worker's name.

In the meantime, ONG said the worker has been reassigned and is no longer going to customers' homes.