OKLAHOMA CITY, OK -- Sharing your photos and videos with NEWS 9 is easy and they might even show up on the air.

Hundreds of people across Oklahoma have already done it. 

To see the photos and videos they've posted simply click on the SHARE button on the navigation bar near the top of the News9.com home page.  You can also get there by clicking here

To share a photo or video, all you have to do is send them to pics@news9.net.  When you do, they're automatically posted to the SHARE page here on News9.com.  If we really like what you've sent, we may use your photos or video on the air!

You can tell us what category your submission fits under, by putting it in the subject line.  For instance, put weather in the subject line if you've taken a photo of lightning... put breaking news if you're sending us video of a fire.

We also love it when you tell us who is in the photo or what is going on in the photo, so feel free to add a brief description in the body of the e-mail.

This video to the right explains how to do it. 

If you still need help, send an email to help@news9.net.