By Adrianna Iwasinski, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Rep. Randy Terrill is breaking his silence on the corruption allegations against him and two fellow lawmakers.

Terrill said there is "no truth" in the allegations the he and fellow Republican Representative Mike Christian conspired with Democratic Senator Debbe Leftwich to craft a plan where Leftwich would not seek re-election to her Senate seat, so Christian could. In exchange, Leftwich was allegedly going be given a new $80,000 a year position in the Medical Examiner's office to help transition the struggling agency.

"This really takes the cake for crazy," Terrill said Monday morning in interview on the Scott Mitchell Show on CD 103.7.

The allegations became public this weekend after news broke of the district attorney's investigation into the allegations.

Terrill said he thinks the timing of the investigation has political motives. Filing for state legislative offices began Monday morning and continues through Wednesday.

Terrill was out of town when the news broke, but said he is considering filing a complaint with the Oklahoma State Bar Association against District Attorney David Prater.

"What has transpired here, and again, observing this from a distance, is not only defamatory to the elected officials involved, it's absolutely preposterous! It is demeaning and…I've got to tell you I believe it to be a serious abuse of process by the district attorney," Terrill said.

News 9 Political Analyst Scott Mitchell responded to the comments made on his show by Terrill.

"He's the first person in this to really go on the offensive. Obviously the paper went on the offensive, the D.A. went on the offensive, and Randy is the first person who went on the offensive. The other two players in the saga didn't really do what I think were real smart moves over the weekend," said Mitchell.

Senator Leftwich responded to the allegations through her attorney, Robert McCampbell.

"We are very confident the facts will show that Senator Leftwich has acted properly in all respects. We will welcome the opportunity to respond at the Grand Jury or in any other legal forum," McCampbell said.

Rep. Christian also denied the allegations during a press conference on Sunday. He has also called for an investigation into the D.A. and Monday filed for reelection to his House of Representative seat, not the Senate seat.

District Attorney David Prater made no comment Monday, but is moving forward with the investigation and will use the multicounty grand jury to gather evidence. The grand jury will convene July 19.

So far only two people have filed for the Senate seat vacated by Senator Leftwich. But candidates have until 5 p.m. on Wednesday to file. There had been allegations that District 2 County Commissioner Brian Maghaun would run, but he has denied those rumors saying he is not a candidate.