By Gan Matthews, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man was arrested after placing pot in the security tray at a courthouse checkpoint.

Cleveland County Deputies Steve Lucas and Jacob Wheeler said when Vaughn Ray Jones Jr. first went through the courthouse security checkpoint on Tuesday he put his belongings in a tray, including a bag of marijuana. When the deputies tried to arrest the 28-year-old, he ran off and got away.

But on Wednesday, Jones returned at almost the same time to the checkpoint. This time Jones was wearing a hat in an apparent attempt at disguise. Deputies handcuffed Jones and took him into custody. 

"You gotta wonder about somebody that's gonna bring marijuana in a courthouse, put it in a bowl--that's gotta be a mistake," Lucas said. "I guess he thought there would be different people here. It wasn't a very good disguise, to put a hat on."

Jones has several felony convictions in his past.