By Charles Bassett, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Earlier this week a couple was accused of trying to prostitute one of their children at a truck stop. The couple was jailed, and the children put in state custody. But, the district attorney says it was all one big mistake.

The couple had six children, and it appeared they got locked out of their SUV at the truck stop. When they tried to get the door open, that's where the confusion started.

It happened Saturday night at the Petro truck stop near Reno and Martin Luther King avenues. Michael Blackmon and Wendolyn Ward were pulled over after leaving the truck stop and charged with transportation for prostitution.

Now the district attorney says that was not the case.

It appears after the family got locked out of the vehicle they tried to find a hanger to open the door. A 16-year-old girl approached a trucker looking for a hanger.

Police described what happened.

"The 16-year-old that was in the car had actually walked up to the truck and offered some company, as she put it, to this truck driver," said Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow. "He thought this was very suspicious, this girl was very young and decided to contact police."

After talking to other witnesses the district attorney says the girl actually asked for a "hanger" and not "company."

By the time police figured that all out the couple was in jail, the children were placed in DHS custody, their vehicle was impounded and their small dog was taken to the animal shelter.

The couple has since been released from jail. They have their vehicle back; but the dog is still in the animal shelter, and there is no word on the children.

NEWS 9's attempts to contact the family have been unsuccessful.

The police department said they believed at the time there was probable cause to make an arrest, and they don't comment on cases after they've been presented to the D.A. for charges.