By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Some Oklahoma women are becoming walking billboards to make money. They're paying off debt and getting through school. They are sharing the hidden jewel of a job that's allowing them to be their own boss.

"Women love jewelry, we love to talk about it, love to try it on, its fun," Ginger Short said.

Even more fun is the money Short makes from Premier Jewelry parties. She started in the direct sales business to help pay the bills.

"I married into $40,000 worth of school debt," said Short. "At the time I thought selling jewelry sounded like a really fun way to get us out of that debt."

And it's paid off in more than a paycheck. She works when she wants and spends time with the jewels that are truly precious. Short is recruiting other moms to do the same.

Stephanie Lewis is a single mom and full time college student. She's doesn't have to work hard to sell her product.

"Being able to wear a visual product has definitely increased my sales," said Lewis. "I have sold jewelry off my body before. When I get to my parties and I lay my jewelry out on the table people flock to it."

Short and Lewis make 50 percent of what they sell and 10 percent of what their team members make.

"It's actually very generous," Short said.

But it's not the only home-based jewelry business out there.

"This is something you could get started in immediately," Jennifer Leipart said.

Leipart is a stylist for Stella & Dot.

"I fell in love with the product first," Leipart said.

It's a relatively new company that's even making a big hit with Hollywood celebrities.

"It's just beautiful and fun," Leipart said.

Leipart holds trunk parties to sell the jewelry, but many times she wins over customers by just putting on her favorite piece.

"You are definitely your best advertisement by just wearing jewelry out all the time," Leipart said.

There is a start up cost to both Premier and Stella and Dot. The investment depends on how much jewelry is purchased for the collection.