By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Cameras were rolling as the historic hail storm battered the metro Sunday afternoon and those videos have gone viral.

One video shows the baseball size hail crashing into a backyard near Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City.

"My wife shot the video as our children watched," said Phil Bacharach, who posted his home video on YouTube.

The video shows the storm quickly intensifying as it cracked three of the windows on the Bacharach's home. In the background, you can hear Phil Bacharach's 4-year old daughter screaming "Mommy!"

In another YouTube video that's quickly becoming popular, an unidentified cameraman has posted video of very large pieces of hail pummeling a pool in Nichols Hills. Nearly 10,000 Internet users have viewed the video. The person who uploaded it posted a note that reads: "This was the most insane hail storm or storm in general I have ever seen! I was speechless."

Michael Heaton has posted his video on YouTube and Facebook. He said he was at work on the 14th floor of the 50 Penn Place tower when the storm rolled in.

 "I've never seen anything like this," said Heaton.

On N.W. 122nd Street, professional photographer Brent Fuchs grabbed his camera and documented what looked like a white blizzard falling at his apartment complex.

"It just became a deafening white noise," said Fuchs. "It was unbelievably loud".

Watch some of the raw home videos of the hail storm: