By Jennifer Loren, The Oklahoma Impact Team

TULSA, Oklahoma -- The Oklahoma Impact Team is discovering more about the finances surrounding one of Oklahoma's top tax delinquents.

The state of Oklahoma has a list of people and companies that owe more than $200 million in back taxes. The list shows the top 100 tax delinquents in the state of Oklahoma.

Jay Jones is the state's number five delinquent. The Oklahoma Tax Commission said Jones owes $2.5 million in back taxes.

In 2003, Jones pled guilty to conspiracy in the downfall of Tulsa-based Commercial Financial Services. Now that he's out of prison, Jones said he can't afford to pay the $2.5 million. But Jones doesn't feel like he owes that money because he says the government already took away his millions. 

"And I gave the government everything I had. Everything I had," Jones said.

Since the story first aired, several viewers have written in, wanting to know what the government did with all Jones' money.

Kathy from Tulsa asked, "What happened to the millions of dollars? Was wondering why the employees didn't get any of that money?"

Jones previously said the government took hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jennifer Loren, The Oklahoma Impact Team: How much did they take from you?

Jay Jones: $200 million.

Jennifer Loren: That's a lot of money.

Jay Jones: Plus or minus... yeah.

Minus about $195 million. The Oklahoma Impact Team checked with the U.S. Attorney's Office and it turns out Jones forfeited a total of just $4.4 million in assets. That $4.4 million went to CFS creditors.

Jones' attorney said he claimed they took $200 million because that's what Jones' estimated net worth was before he was indicted for conspiracy. Then the company went bankrupt, making his stock worthless.