Staff and Wire Reports

ANTLERS, Oklahoma -- Police in Antlers say they're investigating what appears to be organized fighting among teenagers in the southeastern Oklahoma town.

Police Chief Dwayne Morgan says videos posted on YouTube show at least a dozen teenagers fighting on Antlers school grounds and at homes in the area while others cheered. He says the videos have been removed from the website.

Morgan says a parent whose children found the videos reported them to police. He says he's not sure what, if any, charges can be brought against the students.

School Superintendent Mark Virden says there's nothing he can do because the fights on school grounds were apparently after school hours.

"We cannot tolerate that, but we are at a loss to know what to do about it, because it did not happen on school time but it did happen on school property," Virden said.

Virden says he believes the fights are due to the popularity of organized mixed martial arts leagues.

Police and the District Attorney's office said they are trying to figure out what charges, if any, can be filed. They said it gets sticky since many, if not all involved, were minors and were willing participants.