By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A Latimer County special deputy has been arrested.

Latimer County Special Deputy Levi Beauchamp, 30, was arrested early Tuesday morning at an Oklahoma City apartment complex on charges of assaulting a 23-year-old woman identified as Beauchamp's girlfriend.

Police were called to the apartment after a neighbor heard a female screaming and banging on a wall coming from inside the apartment. According to a police report the neighbor stepped outside of his apartment and looked through a break in the bedroom blinds of the apartment. He could hear a female screaming and saw a white male throw a white female onto the floor.

When police arrived, officers reported seeing blood smeared onto Beauchamp's left forearm. They also noticed a 23-year-old woman later identified as the victim lying on the bed and crying. According to the report, officers noticed the victim had a red mark to the left side of her neck approximately a quarter inch wide and a red bump over her left eye.

Despite the neighbor's concerns he had witnessed a physical altercation between Beauchamp and the victim, the victim denied their fight ever became physical and stated "the witness was a liar." The report states when Beauchamp was asked what happened he stated they had been in an argument.

However because of the witnesses statements and injuries the officers observed to the victim, Beauchamp was arrested.

The report adds Beauchamp is the brother of the current Sheriff of Latimer County.