OKLAHOMA CITY -- Two Oklahomans, who have been competing on the television show The Amazing Race, placed second Sunday night.

Jet and Cord McCoy were one  of the three last teams racing around the world for a million dollar prize.

Jet, a professional bull rider from Tupelo, and Cord, a cowboy from Ada, are brothers and best friends who have grown up in the rodeo together. They have worked extremely well together and finished strong.

The guys faced a team of brothers, who won the show, and a team of models, but they said winning wasn't everything and it was an experience you can't put a price on.

"There are things that are more important than money. The experience of being able to travel all the way around the world with my best friend and my brother and then in the end having our character and integrity in tact. We can walk out of here with our heads held high and look people straight in the face and tell 'em we won second," said Jet McCoy.

By the end of the competition, the teams traveled across 40,000 miles, five continents and eight countries. 

The brothers said they'll be happy to come back home.

"Definitely an amazing race but whether I'm going around the world or around the U.S. I'm always glad to get back to southern Oklahoma. There's no place like home," said Jet McCoy.