OKLAHOMA CITY -- The battle for healthcare reform continues. Democrats still don't have all the votes they need to pass a health care bill but say they are confident it will pass later this week.

Democrats have now gained the support of one lawmaker on the fence. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are stepping up their fight to stop the bill from passing. And the President's top aides are promising Democrats if they vote "yes" on health care reform, they'll have the administration's support if they face a tough fight for re-election.

In order to get the bill passed Democrats are still considering a procedure that would require members to vote only on changes to the Senate bill rather than the measure itself.

Many Oklahomans are disappointed with the health care push, including state lawmakers. Representative Mary Fallin came to the NEWS 9 studio to discuss the efforts.

Fallin is encouraging Oklahomans to call their lawmakers and share their thoughts on the reform plan.