By Emily Wood, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A 5-day-old baby was rushed to the hospital after a fire this morning at the family's northwest Oklahoma City apartment.

The fire started on the family's second-story balcony at the Country Oaks Apartments, near Northwest 150th Street and May Avenue. The 5-day-old baby girl Kylie and her parents, grandmother and uncle were in the apartment at the time of the blaze. Kylie's uncle said the only way to get the 5-day-old baby to safety was to toss her out of the second-story window.

"I just ran out into the back room, shut the door cause there was just so much smoke, and just jumped out the window. That's what we had to do, threw our baby down to somebody," said Anthony Stout, the infant's uncle.

That somebody was 24-year-old Travion Shannon.

"I ran this way, and I seen grass on fire, and I ran through the fire and they was hanging out the window," Shannon said. "I came over to the front to the window right here, and they dropped the baby down. I caught the baby, then I started catching four more people."

Derrick Iverson lives in one of the eight units that was damaged in the fire. He said he was alerted to the fire when he heard a young man say "throw the baby downstairs to me."

"The young man who really alerted everybody was that young man who caught the baby," Iverson said. "After that I just jumped up and grabbed what I could and started knocking on doors on my unit trying to make sure everybody was out. "

The baby's grandmother said the baby is "doing fine," but is still at the hospital undergoing tests.

Shannon also helped Kylie's parents, grandmother and uncle to safety.

Eight units were affected in the blaze, most just sustained smoke damage. The unit where the fire started was a total loss. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

The Red Cross is helping families displaced by the fire.