By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Paul Franks, a paramedic in the middle of a feud involving an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper, is defending himself after the controversy continues.

Franks has already spoken to investigators within Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the District Attorney's Office, but he continues to deny what he says are outright lies by OHP Trooper Daniel Martin.

"It's not been easy for me to come and call you people up and say, 'Come talk to me', because I initially didn't want to do this," Franks said.

But Franks felt compelled to come forward after reading and hearing Trooper Martin's statements about what happened Memorial Day weekend on Highway 62 near Paden.

The scuffle, Martin claimed, was caused when Franks "failed to yield" to OHP who was running on an emergency call. When Franks finally did pull over, "he gave Martin the finger."

Franks said it never happened, and if anything, Martin was the aggressor.

Eventually, OHP pulled Franks over and what happened next is the subject of much debate.

Trooper Martin said Paramedic Maurice White emerged from the back of the vehicle and "he presented himself in a hostile manner."

But Franks said White was acting in defense of his patient who was being transported to a nearby hospital, and Martin was enraged.

"I'm tell him, 'Sir, I didn't see you or I would have gladly pulled over,'" Franks said.

Franks said he initially didn't yield because he never saw OHP. The road was hilly, a car was in front of him and Trooper Martin did not have his siren on, all of which he said he barely had a chance to explain.

"Trooper got out of his car very, very angry," Franks said. "Dash Cam will show his actions, if we ever see it."

District Attorney Max Cook is not releasing the video because it's part of an investigation.

"If they're so convinced that he was right...let's see that Dash Cam," Franks said.

Trooper Martin is now the subject of an internal investigation by OHP, but he still remains on the job.

District Attorney Cook has not said when or if he will file any charges against anyone involved in the confrontation.