By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

PADEN, Oklahoma -- Following a dispute between an Oklahoma Highway Trooper and paramedics that was caught on tape, both sides defended their case.

The trooper in question, identified in newly-released documents as Daniel Martin, is under investigation by his own department. This comes after video of him trying to arrest a Creek Nation paramedic in the middle of a transport made headlines nationwide.

The video shows a violent confrontation between first responders outside of an ambulance, as a patient inside waits for medical care.

Now, Trooper Daniel Martin, who placed his hands around the neck of a paramedic, is the subject of an internal investigation, although he and his partners remain on duty.

"The highway patrol officers, the troopers, are not being placed on any kind of administrative leave," OHP Captain Chris West said. "If the investigation shows there were some violations of department policy or procedure, we'll address those accordingly."

OHP claims the dispute started after the ambulance failed to yield to troopers who were responding to a call. Once the troopers finished their official business, they pulled over the ambulance as paramedics were transporting a patient inside. That patient was Kenyada Davis' mother. Davis shot video of the confrontation after paramedics were pulled over.

"We're like trying to tell the guy, 'Dude, my mom is in the back,'" Kenyada Davis said. "My stepdad was like, 'My wife is in the back. Can we do this at the hospital?'"

Both paramedics released statements they made to Creek Nation officials.

According to Paramedic Paul Franks, he told Trooper Martin, "We have a patient enroute to Prague E.R. If you would follow us, we would sort this out afterwards."

He said Martin told him, "get your 'blank' in my vehicle. I'm giving you a ticket right now."

At that point, Maurice White, the other paramedic, said he exited the rear of the ambulance to make a similar plea. Trooper Martin tried to arrest him and after a brief struggle he returned to the back of the ambulance.

OHP dash cameras recorded the first confrontation between the men. Prosecutors now have that tape, which they say shows Maurice White assaulting Trooper Martin.

Now the Okfuskee County District Attorney's office said they are reviewing the dash-cam video and all the other evidence surrounding this case, but right now no decision has been made as to whether charges will be filed against anyone involved in the confrontation.

Creek Nation EMS Officials wouldn't comment on the possibility of criminal charges, but they did say both paramedics remain on duty.