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There's Only One... Gary England

Gary England: After the Storm

Oklahoma weather icon, Gary England is the Vice President for corporate relations and weather development at Griffin Communications. England has been with the station 41 years and will continue his presence on-air with a segment called "Gary's I'll Keep You Advised," It will focus on long-term weather patterns and events. Watch for it soon.

A recipient of numerous awards and honors including three Emmys and the Silver Circle Award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Heartland Division, Gary England is Oklahoma's top rated television meteorologist. Gary England is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and meteorology. He is an internationally recognized authority in severe weather and holds the distinction of being the person who implemented with Enterprise Electronics, the world's first commercial Doppler radar.

In 1981, Gary England became the first person in history to use Doppler radar for direct warnings to the public. The author of four books and the subject of another, Gary England is also a popular public speaker. Besides appearing in the Steven Spielberg movie, "TWISTER", he has become a much sought after consultant for weather specials produced by international channels from all areas of the globe.

Of special distinction in 2006 was his being asked to be a keynote speaker for the dedication of the new National Weather Center in Norman, OK. Additionally and in conjunction with the Oklahoma Centennial celebration in 2007, Gary England was immortalized by the sculpting of his bust which honored ‘100 Heroes and Outlaws' of Oklahoma repute during the state's first 100 years.

In 2009 Gary, his weather team and News 9 were awarded the National Edward R. Murrow Award for best in the nation in the category of breaking News/weather in competition among all large television markets.

In 2012 another Emmy was awarded to Gary and the weather Team for Breaking Weather Coverage.


KWTV (Oklahoma City, OK)                                                                                                      

Vice President of Corporate Relations & Weather Development -September 2013 to present

The Gary Company                                                                                                                     

Consulting Meteorologist - 1976-93

U.S. Weather Corporation                                                                                                           

Vice-President, Consulting Meteorologist - 1974-76

England & May, Inc.                                                                                                                 

Vice-President, Publishing - 1972-74

A.H. Glenn & Associates (New Orleans, LA)                                                                                

Consulting Meteorologist & Oceanographer - 1967-71

Southwestern Weather Service (Oklahoma City, OK)                                                           

Consulting Meteorologist - 1965-67

Atmospheric Research Laboratory - University of Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma)                

Research Assistant - 1962-65


University of Oklahoma                                                                                                     

B.S. - Mathematics & Meteorology - 1965


Presidential Award of Merit – Southwestern Oklahoma State University – 2014

Oklahoma Hall of Fame - November, 2013           

OU Ring Award - University of Oklahoma - October, 2013

Pathmaker Award – Oklahoma City/County Historical Society – September, 2013

Oklahoma Rehabilitation Assoc. - News Media Award –- 2013

Slice Magazine – Best Meteorologist Award - 2013

‘Emmy' for Breaking News/Nov 7, 2011 Tornadoes/National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – 2012

Edmond Sun – Best Weatherman – 2012

National Tornado Summit – Governor's Award – 2012

Readers Choice Award – The Daily Oklahoman – 2011

Best TV Personality - Oklahoma Gazette - 2011

Best Weatherman - Edmond Sun - 2011

Society of Professional Journalists - First Place Weather Reporting - 2010

Best Weatherman - Edmond Sun - 2010

Best TV Personality – Oklahoma Gazette – 2010

Readers Choice Award – The Daily Oklahoman – 2010

Society of Professional Journalists Lifetime Achievement Award - 2010

Edmond's Favorite Weatherman - Edmond Sun - 2010

RTNDA National Award for Breaking News/Weather - Best in America among All Large Markets - 2009

OAB Outstanding Achievement Award - Breaking News/Weather - 2009

RTNDA Regional Award for Breaking News/Weather Coverage - 2009

Ada's Favorite Weatherman - Ada Evening News - 2009

Enid's Favorite Weatherman - Enid News & Eagle - 2009

Reader Choice Award - The Daily Oklahoman - 2009

Best TV Personality - Oklahoma Gazette - 2008

University of Oklahoma Regents' Alumni Award - 2008

Readers Choice Award - The Daily Oklahoman - 2008

Selected as one of 100 Oklahoma heroes and outlaws during Oklahoma's first 100 years, sponsored by City Arts Center and Oklahoma Arts Council in conjunction with the Centennial celebration - 2007

Readers Choice Award - The Daily Oklahoman - 2007

Readers Choice Award - The Daily Oklahoman - 2006

Best Meteorologist - Oklahoma Gazette - 2006

Readers Choice Award - The Daily Oklahoman - 2005

Society of Professional Journalists - First Place - Television - Best Weathercast - 2005

Best Meteorologist - Oklahoma Gazette - 2005

Oklahoma Associated Press Broadcaster's Award - First place for Weathercast - 2005

Oklahoma Associated Press Broadcaster's Award - First place for Weather Event Coverage - 2005

Oklahoma Associated Press Broadcaster's Award - Third place in the Enterprise Category for ‘Surviving the Storm' - 2005

Oklahoma Associated Press Broadcaster's Award - Honorable Mention for Weather Coverage - 2005

Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Award - Oklahoma Toastmasters - 2004

Oklahoma Associated Press Broadcasters - First Place in Special Weather Event Coverage - 2004

Oklahoma Associated Press Broadcasters - First Place in Weather Coverage - 2004

Readers Choice Award - The Daily Oklahoman - 2004

Best Television Personality - Oklahoma Gazette - 2004

Rainmaker Award - The Oklahoma Breast Cancer Project - 2002

American Women in Radio & Television - Lifetime Achievement Award - 2002

Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame Award - 2002

Best Television Personality - Oklahoma Gazette - 2001

Silver Circle Award by Heartland Chapter/National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - 2000

Society of Professional Journalists - Spot News Award for coverage of the May 3rd Tornadoes - 2000

Press Club of Atlantic City - National Headliner Award - Spot Coverage News - May 3, 1999 - 2000

Governor's Humanitarian Award - 1999

Excel Award - International Association of Business Communicators of Central Oklahoma - 1999

Spot News - Metro Tornado - Regional Edward R. Murrow by the RTNDA - 1999

Outstanding Public Service - Metro Tornado - International Association of Business Communicators/Central Oklahoma chapter - 1998

Best Spot Weather - Metro Tornado - Oklahoma Broadcasters Association - 1998

Best Spot News - Metro Tornado - Society of Professional Journalists - 1998

‘Emmy' for lifetime achievement by the Heartland Chapter/National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - 1997

‘Emmy' for Best Weather Anchor - Heartland Chapter/National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - 1994

United Press International Tri-State Broadcasters 1989 - Best Weathercast

Partners for Excellence 1989 - Oklahoma Schools Public Relations Association

Dewey County Hall of Fame 1989 - Dewey County Historical Society

Third Most Popular Meteorologist in the Nation 1987 - Television/Radio Age Magazine

Western Oklahoma Hall of Fame 1983 - Western Oklahoma Historical Society

One of the Outstanding Young Men of America 1976 - Jaycees


"Friday Night in the Big Town - The Life of Gary England" 2006

"Weathering the Storm - Tornadoes, Television & Turmoil" 1996

"Those Terrible Twisters" 1987

"United States Weather" 1976

"Oklahoma Weather" 1975

Special Recognition - National and International Weather Specials, Books, Magazines and Other Venues

Outstanding Alumni -  OU – 2008

Grand Marshall - OU Homecoming Parade, October, 2013

The Colbert Report – September, 2013

TV & Cable Magazine – September, 2013

With Gerry Bonds – KOSU Public Radio – September, 2013

Oral History with the Memorial Museum – September, 2013

New York Times Magazine - Feature Article - August, 2013       

‘Uniquely Oklahoma' by Bob Burke - 2013

Los Angeles Times – interview with Gary England, May 24, 2013

Chicago Tribune website – Gary England on tornadoes – May 24, 2013

Oklahoma magazine – Best of the Best– Best Meteorologist – July, 2013

Los Angeles Times Feature Story (both print and web) – May, 2013

Chicago Tribune Feature Story (website) – May, 2013

New York Times – Moore Tornado – Gary England – May 23, 2013

Poynter Institute  – May, 2013

Fox News National - The Five –  May, 2013  

National Public Radio – May, 2013

Discovery Channel special – ‘Mile Wide Tornado: Oklahoma Disaster' – May, 2013

The Oklahoman – interview re Oklahoma tornadoes – May, 2013

NOVA – ‘Deadliest Tornadoes' – May, 2013

Channel 4 (United Kingdom) special, ‘Super Tornado' – June, 2013

New Zealand TV3- Drought Interview- 2012

Oklahoma Magazine – Best of the Best – 2012

FOX National Television – First at 5 – 2012

PBS – World's Deadliest Tornadoes – 2012

National Tornado Summit – Speaker & Presenter - 2012

Climas Extremos - Tornados en Oklahoma - Spanish Television - 2012

New York Times Newspaper, Heat - July 19, 2011

'A Year in the Life of Oklahoma' - book by Bob Burke 2011

CBS Evening News - May 24, 2011

The Washington Times - 2011

Bill O'Reilly - Fox News 2009

‘John Steinbeck was wrong about Oklahoma' - Book by Bob Burke 2008

'Oklahoma' - Magazine published by the Oklahoma Heritage Association 2008

Reader's Digest Book Section - Brazil Publication - January 2008

Reader's Digest Book Section - Serbia Publication - March 2008

‘Distinctly Oklahoma' Magazine - March 2008

Interview with National Public Radio re massive icing event in Oklahoma (December 13, 2007)

Interview with CBS Evening News re massive icing event in Oklahoma, 2007

Comedy Central with Jon Stewart - June 14, 2007

‘Celebrating Oklahoma!' - The Oklahoma Centennial Photographic Survey by Mike Klemme, 2007

'Oklahoma' - Magazine published by the Oklahoma Heritage Association 2008

Reader's Digest - Bonus Book Section - April, 2007

‘Storm Warning' - Book by Nancy Mathis 2007

‘Science Meets Legends' series for The History Channel on UFO phenomena 2007

‘Bankisya' - Nippon Television Network (Japanese) News program on violent tornadoes 2006

‘Tornado' produced by Peter Rowe Productions as a part of ‘Angry Planet' series for Outdoor Life Network 2006

‘Tornado' produced by TV Asahi (Japanese) as a part of ‘Spaceship Earth' series 2006

‘Mega Disasters - Tornado Alley Twister' Creative Differences Production, Inc. for The History Channel 2006

‘It Could Happen Tomorrow' - Atlas Media Corporation for The Weather Channel 2006

‘Critical Decisions' - Michael Hoff Productions for National Geographic Television 2006

‘Spring Storm Savvy' - Oklahoma Department of Transportation Safety Video 2005

‘Fast and Furious: The Anatomy of a Tornado - Oklahoma Today (magazine) 2005

‘Big Weather - Chasing Tornadoes in the Heart of America' by Mark Svenvold (book) 2005

‘Most Dangerous Moments' - National Geographic television 2005

Entertainment Tonight - coverage of National Geographic's ‘Most Dangerous Moments' 2005

Sooner U (magazine) - ‘U Remember 1965 with Weather Czar Gary England' 2005

‘7 Days That Shook the Weathermen" - Granada Television (England) 2005

‘Forces of Nature' - National Geographic 2005

'60 Minutes/Australia' 2004

Weatherwise (magazine) ‘Mesonet to the Rescue' 2004

NOVA ‘Supertwisters' 2004

USA Today re NOVA Special - March 30, 2004 2004

CBS Evening News - May 10, 2003 2003

National Geographic Television - ‘Ultimate Explorer: Season of Tornadoes' 2003

Discovery Channel - Danger Zone 2003

History Channel - Weather Tech: Tornadoes, 2003

Discovery Channel - ‘Critical Rescue' series (F5) 2003

"Distinguished Oklahomans" (book) by Victoria Lee 2003

Discovery Channel - ‘Disaster: A View from Above' 2002

History Channel - "Suicide Missions: Storm Chasers" 2002

National Geographic Television - "Oklahoma Twister" 2001

The Weather Channel - ‘World's Worst Weather' 2001

The Learning Channel - ‘The Ultimate 10' 2001

Scanning the Skies: A History of Tornado Forecasting 2001 (book)

Use of Vehicles to Flee During May 3, 1999 Tornado: 2000 20th Conference on Severe Local Storms

Discovery Channel - D-Mort 2000

Granada Television (UK) - Eye of the Storm 2000

Green Umbrella, Ltd. (UK) - The Ultimate Guide: Extreme Weather 2000

Discovery Channel - Storm Warning! 2000

Pioneer Productions (UK) - Storm Force-Tornado Alley 2000

CBS - 48 Hours - TORNADO 2000

CBS - ‘When Seconds Count' 2000

Discovery Channel ‘Disaster Detectives: Wind' 2000

CBS ‘20th Century' 2000

National Geographic Television - Oklahoma Twister 2000

Discovery Magazine 1999

British Broadcasting Company - Tornado Week! 1999 (live hook-up with reporter, Juliette Lewis)

Discovery Channel - Disaster Detective 1999

Discovery Channel - Out of Control 1999

Learning Channel - Understanding Weather 1999

Pioneer Productions (UK) - Tornado Chasers 1999

New York Times 1999

Spiegel TV News (German Television) 1999

Broadcasting & Cable Magazine 1999

The Bob Grant Show (New York) 1999

Electronic Media 1999

The Rundown 1999

National Geographic Television 1999

Oklahoma Today Magazine 1998

CBS Evening News 1998

Broadcasting and Cable Magazine 1997

World of Wonder - Learning Channel 1997

Raging Plant - Discovery Channel (UK) 1997

‘And Now to the Weather' (book) 1996

Entertainment Tonight 1996

Hard Copy 1996

The Gordon Elliott Show 1996

CBS Morning News 1996

Los Angeles Times Newspaper 1996

‘In the Shadow of the Tornado' (book) 1996

Los Angeles Times Magazine 1996

‘Exploring Oklahoma with Children' (book) 1996

Detail Magazine 1995

Woman's World Magazine 1995

Oklahoma Today Magazine 1994

‘Storm Country' (book) 1993

Television Broadcast Magazine 1993

Electronic Media Magazine 1992

CBS Evening News 1992

‘History of TV Weathercasting' (book) 1990

Grenada Television in England 1988

Readers Digest 1988

Canadian Broadcasting Corp. of Canada 1987

The Edmonton Journal - Edmonton, Canada 1987

CBS Evening News 1986

NOVA Severe Weather Program 1985

The Washington Post 1985

Farm Journal Magazine 1985

Health Signs Magazine 1985

‘Coletta' (book) 1982

The Wall Street Journal 1981

Living Magazine 1978

Professional Affiliations

American Meteorological Society

American Association for the Advancement of Science

New York Academy of Sciences

National Weather Association

Special Activities and Projects

Oceanographic study for a proposed offshore nuclear generating plant

Oceanographic study for the North Sea Ekofisk Oil Complex

Air quality and meteorology discipline manager for the OG&E coal-fired power plant environmental impact study near Perry, Oklahoma

Expert witness in lawsuits involving weather

Developed ‘First Warning', an automated severe weather computer warning system now in use nationwide.

Developed ‘Storm Tracker', an automated severe weather tracking and projection computer system now in use nationwide.

Co-developer of Storm Signal, a direct to PC warning system that allows warnings to be received at the same time the warning is appearing on a television screen.

Consultant to and participant in numerous television documentaries in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Europe.

Scientific Consultant for the book, ‘Weather', by Kidsbooks

Other Public Service

Board of Visitors - University of Oklahoma - College of Arts & Sciences 2007

Mercy Hospital Foundation Board

Computer Science School Advisory Board - University of Oklahoma 2008

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